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  The Spark-O-Phone
Sound improvisation by electrons...
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Cut! Burn! Melt! The Incredible Shrinking Chip
A nice demonstration of how much smaller chips have become over the last decade. A Laser that burns stuff!
Mike's got a CO2 laser - be afraid, be very afraid..! Build a cheap capacitance box
Dial-a-Farad Probe for in-circuit PIC programming.
High-Speed video camera system
1000 frames/second of fun
Repairing a window with an aquarium pump.
Inside a fake AC Adapter A Curious Oscillator circuit
Probably not useful.. High-speed video images
Images from my high-speed camera system.
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A means of measuring the high voltage output is essential. A resistive divider is appropriate for this application. However, standard components are not suitable for high voltages, low current measurements. A good circuit for measuring the output voltage is a potted TV focus divider (RCA SK series or equivalent) which contains the necessary high voltage/high value resistors. The only additional components needed are one external resistor and a standard high impedance dc meter.

The dekatron fell out of practical use when transistor -based counters became reliable and affordable. Today, dekatrons are used by electronic hobbyists in simple "spinners" that run off the mains frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz) or as a numeric indicator for homemade clocks.

Various - Plus De Tubes Dance Vol. 5Various - Plus De Tubes Dance Vol. 5Various - Plus De Tubes Dance Vol. 5Various - Plus De Tubes Dance Vol. 5